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hand built

Rob Edley Welborn furniture makes a nod to mid-century Brazilian design, but is updated with fresh combinations of materials. With the SALÃO Collection, Modernist hardwood furniture moves to the outdoors — from the living room to the terrace, pool deck, spa and garden.
  • Hardwood: The lumber for our furniture is milled by hand in our own shop and bench-crafted. We use Cedrela odorata (Spanish Cedar); a durable, weather-hardy and insect-resistant hardwood that resembles teak. Spanish cedar is native to Central America and the West Indies, and is a more environmentally friendly choice than teak. Other hardwoods are available upon request.
  • Joinery: Look closely. Salão furniture frames use only traditional, interlocking cabinet-maker joints for the hardwood components—no metal reinforcing brackets.
  • Metal Fittings: Hardware custom-crafted for Salão: Metal offsets, hinges, and screws are durable stainless steel.
  • Seating Surfaces: The suite of materials that we’ve selected is unique to outdoor chairs. Seating-surface panels are cast and milled in limited quantities expressly for the Salão Collection, and only at the time of your order. Contact us to see the full range of options.